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3 Quick Tips for Picking the Right Ceiling Color August 7, 2018

Ossining, Westchester
3 Quick Tips for Picking the Right Ceiling Color, Ossining, New York

Whether it’s to replace peeling paint or create a dramatic effect in your home, you’ve decided to paint the ceiling. But as CET Painting in Ossining, NY, explains, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind before starting the project. Below, the painting contractors explain a few rules for selecting the right color for the ceiling.

A Painting Contractor's Guide to Choosing the Right Ceiling Color

1. Examine Its Condition

Depending on the hue you select, you may accidentally call attention to a ceiling’s imperfections by giving it a new coat of paint. If yours has a few cracks or other flaws, go for a shade that has a low sheen. Ones that are higher on the scale will highlight problems with the drywall or other material.

2. Decide on Your End Goal

painting contractorBefore you pick a color, figure out what you’d like to achieve with the result. Do you want the room to appear larger or more symmetrical? A lighter color will give the impression of more space, while a darker hue will create an ambiance of coziness. If you want a striking aesthetic, painting contractors recommend picking a completely different color than the one used for the walls. 

3. Think About Where You Want to Direct Attention

Frequently, people decide to paint their ceiling white, and there’s a good reason for this. It allows attention to be drawn to the decor in the room or the color of the walls rather than pulling it upward. If you’re particularly proud of the furnishings in the space or just don’t want a ceiling that’s distracting, select white.

To achieve the best results, work with a professional painting contractor. The team at CET Painting has completed hundreds of projects for the residents of Westchester County since opening 14 years ago. They are fully licensed and insured and are known for their high-quality work and affordable prices. To learn more about their interior services, call (914) 615-1415 or visit them online today.

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