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A Guide to Patterned Breathing During Labor January 10, 2020

Suffern, Rockland County
A Guide to Patterned Breathing During Labor, Suffern, New York

When you’re a mother-to-be, pregnancy is exciting and filled with planning for the birth and early days of your little one’s life. As you explore labor options, the security and comfort of home birth with the assistance of a trained midwife may be the ideal situation for your family. Before a natural birth, learning proper patterned breathing techniques is extremely beneficial. If you’re pregnant and curious about how breathing can assist with labor, here’s a guide to the useful skill.

Understanding the Benefits of Patterned Breathing During Natural Birth

What Is Patterned Breathing?

Natural BirthPatterned breathing is the term for breath options that help a mother in labor feel relaxed and calm. This technique is different for every woman and can range from taking long deep breaths that fill the entire diaphragm to quick, light breaths.

The depth and breathing rate varies significantly by person. As such, it’s crucial for mothers-to-be to practice and experiment with various patterns until they find a version that soothes them. During a natural birth, you’ll be encouraged to revert to your pattern of choice to prevent unnecessary stress and strain on the body.

What Are the Benefits of This Technique During Natural Birth?

Having a natural birth can be painful and stressful on the body. Patterned breathing helps manage pain, bring purpose to each contraction, and create a calming effect. The process helps women feel in control and increases oxygen flow to the body, providing much-needed energy, strength, and stability to the mother and child.


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