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Why Email Marketing Should Be Part of Your Overall Marketing Strategy August 6, 2018

Glassboro, Gloucester
Why Email Marketing Should Be Part of Your Overall Marketing Strategy, Glassboro, New Jersey

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing. Every year, new techniques are introduced, and old ones are retired— or revived. Email marketing, for example, has recently seen a resurgence, becoming a key player in your marketing strategy’s success. Below, Clearbridge Branding Agency, a brand consulting firm in Millville, NJ, discusses how this revival came to be and offer tips on how to best utilize this channel.  

The Resurgence of Email Marketing

Between 2008 and 2012, email usage saw a 20% decline due to the increasing popularity of social media and instant messaging apps. Thus, many email marketing campaigns proved ineffective during this time.

Thanks to the rise of smartphones, this channel has since resurfaced. An estimated 55% of emails are opened on a mobile device, meaning customers have constant access to their inbox. Additionally, new technologies like Google Analytics allow marketers to both personalize and localize campaigns, so they can more easily engage with their target audience.        

digital marketingNow, 59% of B2B marketers say email is their most effective means of revenue generation. Likewise, 80% of retail professionals say email marketing drives their customer retention. With statistics like these, marketers and business owners need to know how to utilize this invaluable digital marketing tool.

How to Make the Most of Email Marketing

1. Set Goals

To optimize your email marketing efforts, you need to have a plan. Clearbridge Branding Agency recommends writing down what you hope to get from this channel, whether it’s building brand awareness or informing customers about a new product. Then, develop a strategy that aligns with these goals and stick to it.   

2. Know Your Audience

brand consultingBefore you can have a successful marketing campaign, you also need to know your audience. Try sending out quizzes, polls, surveys, so you can learn what they’re hoping to gain from your emails.

3. Add Value

Even if the goal of your campaign is to tell customers about new products, your emails shouldn’t all be self-serving. You should also send content that readers find useful. Establish yourself as a trusted resource, so readers will not only tell their friends but also come back for more.  

4. Keep It Simple

Like with any digital marketing channel, the less scrolling, the better. Keep your emails clear and concise. You want your emails to add value, but you don’t want to inundate your customers with information.

5. Track Your Results

To make the most of email marketing, you need to know what is and isn’t working. Clearbridge Branding Agency’s consultants recommend using Google Analytics to see which promotions garner the most clicks. Also determine what time of day your emails receive the most opens. For many, this is on Tuesday mornings.  

If you’re still not sure how to take advantage of this invaluable channel, then call Clearbridge Branding Agency at (856) 327-4141. Their team will help you devise a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to both engage and retain customers. For more on their services, visit the brand consulting firm online.