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What size storage unit do you need? May 22, 2015

Susan B. Anthony, Rochester
What size storage unit do you need? , Rochester, New York

While there are many different sizes throughout the storage industry, there are no standard proportions. Here are some of the common spaces we offer at L.A Self-Storage in Rochester, NY.

5x5 units are about the size of a closet. These units may hold a big item or two however they are generally used for storing smaller items. The estimated capacity is the equivalent of ¾ of a room, stacking and packing.

5x10 units are about like a deep walk in closet. These units are capable of storing 1.5 rooms worth of your belongings.

10x10 units are the same as a small square room and can hold up to three rooms worth of your stuff, again stacking and packing your items relatively high but carefully.

10x20 units are basically the same as single car garages. They can accommodate most vehicles or they can store up to six rooms of your property.

When determining what size storage you need, you can end up renting a smaller space by getting rid of items you do not use or that you have deemed not worthy to hold onto through donating, selling or disposal. Most storage facilities do not have a disposal service available and if they do, they will more than likely charge a fee. By thinking about what you want to store you can save time and effort.

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