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How Does Hair Grow? August 6, 2018

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How Does Hair Grow?, Rochester, New York

Whether you’re fighting hair loss or trying to grow your hair out, understanding the growing process is essential to making a change. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about how this process works. Here are the facts on hair growth so you can make educated decisions about your hair.

The Follicle

Hair LossEvery hair on your head and the rest of your body grows from a follicle. This is a tiny well-like structure in your skin that holds the root of each hair. Blood vessels attached to the base of the follicle grow the hair by adding to the root and pushing the existing length upward through the skin.

Why the Follicle Is Important

The characteristics of your follicle determine everything about your hair. The pigment produced in this area creates your natural color, and when the follicle stops producing pigment, that hair turns gray or white. A round follicle creates a straight hair, while a more oblong follicle creates an asymmetrical hair which will curl as it grows. When a follicle dies, that hair stops growing and falls out; too much of this type of hair loss in one area causes baldness.

A Common Hair Growth Myth

The biggest misconception about the way your hair grows is that frequent trims will help it grow more quickly or thickly. But, growth only happens at the root of your hair, and by the time it pushes out from the surface of your skin, its cells are already dead. For this reason, trimming the ends can’t stimulate growth and add length. What it does is prevent splits, which damage a much greater length of each strand than what is lost by trimming. So, regular cuts make it easier to increase your length but not by affecting the growth rate.


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