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5 Reasons to Landscape Around the Pool August 14, 2018

Long Valley, Morris County
5 Reasons to Landscape Around the Pool, Long Valley, New Jersey

Backyard water features offer the perfect place to cool off and enjoy the outdoors. To fully optimize the area and create a gorgeous oasis, you should consider landscaping around the water’s edge. Here are a few reasons many homeowners landscape this area. 

5 Benefits of Landscaping Around the Pool

1. Ties Your Indoor & Outdoor Spaces Together

If you install a pool in the middle of the yard and place a few lawn chairs around it, there isn’t much of a connection to the home. By adding some landscaping features, like a patio to grill and some comfy sofas to hang out, you’ll link the indoor and outdoor spaces and create a place where people can congregate and relax.

2. Creates a Focal Point

landscaping Long Valley NJThe pool will likely be the centerpiece of the backyard. Give it some extra flair by installing beautiful landscaping around it. Lay a stone surround with plants on the sides to draw peoples’ eyes to the water feature. 

3. Adds Privacy

If you don’t want everyone to see you swimming or lying around poolside, install some trees, flowering shrubs, and retaining walls to provide some privacy.

4. Prevents Pool Debris

Water features can collect a lot of backyard debris, especially if they are out in the open. Add a pool surround with beautiful natural stones where you can lounge with guests. Then, border the stone with trees, flowers, or greenery at least five feet away from the water’s edge to prevent leaves and petals from landing in the water. 

5. Adds Safety

Install some lights around the pool to give passersby a way to see where the path is. It’ll help prevent any sudden falls into the water when it’s dark out. 


If you’re ready to do some landscaping around the pool to promote safety, create a focal point, and unite your indoor and outdoor spaces, contact DRS Lawn & Landscape LLC in Long Valley, NJ. Their team has offered landscape design, maintenance, and lawn care for commercial and residential clients since 1991. To discuss your project, call (908) 879-0600. Visit the website to view their landscape construction and ground maintenance portfolios.

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