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4 Tips to Help Your Landscaping Recover From Harsh Weather August 14, 2018

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4 Tips to Help Your Landscaping Recover From Harsh Weather, Jessup, Maryland

Summertime offers your landscaping the warmth and light it needs to grow to its full potential. However, summer also comes with drought, flooding and intense storms. Unfortunately, your shrubs and trees can’t hide out from this extreme weather in your house like you can. So, below are four tips to help your yard bounce back after difficult weather.

How to Revive Your Landscaping After Extreme Weather

1. Make Changes to Yard Drainage After Rainlandscaping

After a summer rainstorm, inspect your property for drainage issues that could cause plants to become waterlogged. You may notice soil erosion as well. Replace any soil and mulch that was washed away and consult a landscaping professional for help with any other drainage issues. You can also try implementing air spade techniques that break up the soil and enable excessive moisture to seep out.

2. Lay Down Mulch During Droughts

Make sure to add plenty of organic mulch to plants and shrubs this summer, particularly if you’re in an area susceptible to drought. The mulch acts as a barrier and keeps moisture in the roots, allowing the plants to survive when rain is scarce.

3. Delay Fertilization After a Drought

During a drought, you might think that fertilization will provide plants and shrubs with a much-needed boost. However, when landscaping doesn’t have enough water, fertilizer is ineffective. So, after a drought, wait until it has rained and the soil has become healthy again. Only then will the plants be able to get the most out of fertilizer.

4. Schedule a Tree Pruning Company After a Storm

Walk around your yard after a storm and assess the damage. Remove any hanging or dead branches to keep them from harming the rest of the plant. Then, call a tree pruning company that can properly trim the trees. It’s important for a professional to do this because if the trees and shrubs are trimmed too much, they can end up becoming weak and unsupported.


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