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Should You Choose Burial or Cremation? August 8, 2018

Canandaigua, Ontario
Should You Choose Burial or Cremation? , Canandaigua, New York

Funerals create a safe place of healing for families, providing closure and giving people the chance to remember their loved one in their best light. However, it isn’t always easy to know which type of memorial service to choose, especially if your loved one didn’t make their final wishes known. Here is a little more information about the difference between burial and cremation and how to pick what is right for the service you are planning. 

Choosing Between Memorial Options


Traditional burial services involve selecting a burial plot and casket. After the deceased has been prepared by funeral professionals, a viewing will be held where loved ones can visit and say goodbye in person. During the funeral, a planned memorial service can consist of talks given by friends and family members. Topics can include the life of the deceased, their favorite topics, or anything else deemed appropriate by the family.

After the service, family members can attend the cemetery where the casket will be placed in the ground. Flower arrangements can be put on the grave to beautify the space until the final headstone is placed.


funeralsBecause caskets aren’t required, cremations are less expensive than traditional funerals. Cremation services can also include traditional memorial services where family members gather to remember the loved one.

Unlike funerals, cremations aren’t as time-sensitive, which means cremations can be conducted and the memorial service can be held days, weeks, or even months after the death. Cremated remains can also be spread according to the wishes of your loved one, giving others the chance to memorialize them in their own way according to their timetable.


Planning a memorial service can be stressful, which is why the team at Johnson-Kennedy Funeral Home is there to help. With a commitment to professionalism and focus on families, this trusted Canandaigua, NY, business can help you to plan a funeral everyone will remember. To learn more about their services, visit them online or give them a call at (585) 394-4280.

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