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Why Professional Bathtub Refinishing is Superior to DIY Methods August 6, 2018

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Why Professional Bathtub Refinishing is Superior to DIY Methods, Clinton, Connecticut

For intrepid homeowners, DIY projects are exciting and sometimes challenging prospects. While you can perform many improvements on your own, others should always be left to professionals. One such job is bathtub refinishing. While there are DIY kits available, here are three reasons not to trust anyone but a specialist with this task. 

Why You Should Avoid DIY Bathtub Refinishing Kits

DIY Resurfacing Is Only Temporary

bathtub refinishingDIY kits for bathtub refinishing may promise results equal to that of a professional, but they’re only temporary solutions. Without experience and proper tools, a homeowner can end up with a shoddy surface at best and irreparable damage at worst. Even if the project goes smoothly, DIY resurfacing kits don’t have the staying power of a job completed by a professional. Instead of a durable, high-quality finished product, you’ll likely spend more money resurfacing the tub again in a couple of years.

Aesthetic Options

When attempting bathtub refinishing on your own, your selection of finishes is quite limited. White and almond may be the only shades available. However, professionals have access to a vast range of colors. In fact, a refinishing contractor can often customize the hue to match the rest of your bathtub.


The process of refinishing a bathtub creates fumes that can be dangerous. Instead of risking your health by choosing a DIY method, hire professionals who are equipped with the proper gear to prevent inhalation of toxic chemicals.


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