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3 Ways to Find the Perfect Family Dentist August 14, 2018

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3 Ways to Find the Perfect Family Dentist, Anchorage, Alaska

Excellent dental health is a cornerstone of overall wellness, which is why finding a family dentist is crucial. However, it isn’t always easy to narrow down dental practices, especially when you live in larger cities. Here are three ways to find the perfect family dentist, and why you won’t regret securing the right professional. 

Tips for Choosing a Dentist

1. Check Recent Reviews 

dentistOne of the best ways to narrow down a large pool of dentists is by reading what others have to say about the practice. Check out online review forums, and pay special attention to the dates. Look for a dentist who responds politely when reacting to comments, and who seems to take professionalism seriously. Pay attention to whether or not patients typically have a positive experience at the practice, since too many negative reviews could signal the need to keep shopping. 

2. Research the Dentist

After you have narrowed down dental practices to a few, take the time to research the dentist by looking up their license. Make sure they have an active license in the state where you live, and verify other certifications or professional training that could impact your experience. For instance, if you are missing teeth, finding a dentist with formal training in dental implants could help you to restore your smile. 

3. Visit the Office in Person

Consider visiting the actual dental office in person before you ever head in for a dental appointment. Pay attention to how you are greeted and the cleanliness of the office. When you are there, talk with the front desk about payment plans and office policies so you can see if the practice is a good fit. 


Whether you are due for a basic dental exam or you are considering dental implants, visit Alpine Family Dentistry in Eagle River, AK. In addition to offering a long list of professional dental services, Dr. Devin Harr also focuses on keeping his patients comfortable during their visit. The office accepts a range of insurance plans and offers convenient financing, making achieving your perfect smile easier. To learn more about how they can help, visit their website or call (907) 694-2409.

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