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What HVAC Does Your Business Need? August 8, 2018

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What HVAC Does Your Business Need? , Ogden, New York

A commercial HVAC system must be robust enough to accommodate large spaces and a high volume of people. Factors like the type of business and the size and orientation of the building affect what air conditioning systems are most efficient for a given facility. The following guide describes the available options and the commercial environments best suited to them.


Single-split HVAC systems are prized for their affordability and reliability. They consist of HVACtwo main components: one located outdoors and one inside on either side of a wall. The exterior unit draws in and cools air through its condenser coils, while the interior unit forces the air into the room and cycles out warm air. This is the perfect choice for smaller business buildings like coffee shops, individual offices, and boutiques.


Multi-split HVAC systems operate similarly, but it connects several indoor units to a central outdoor unit through a series of ducts. Doctor's offices, restaurants, and larger retail stores benefit most from these systems. These systems also allow you to have multiple temperature settings in each zone to save energy and maximize comfort.


Large buildings like hotels, office complexes, and big box stores typically use Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) HVAC systems. Using either a heat pump or heat recovery, VRF units can simultaneously heat one room while cooling another. They may have either one central outdoor compressor or multiple units containing refrigerant piping, which connect to indoor units through communication wiring.


Whether you need help selecting the best HVAC system for your facility or maintenance and repair, call on Rochester Heating And Cooling in Spencerport, NY. For over 15 years, this team of dedicated professionals has provided a full menu of commercial heating and cooling services, including duct cleaning, plumbing services, and boiler repair. Learn about today's special offers on their website or call (585) 458-3700.

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