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A Guide to Dermal Fillers August 6, 2018

Honolulu, Honolulu
A Guide to Dermal Fillers, Honolulu, Hawaii

Many people look in the mirror and wonder how they can make themselves look younger and healthier. Along with a routine of diet, exercise, and skin care, you can get a boost from dermal fillers. Learn more about what these treatments are, how they’re performed, and the reasons thousands of people have them done every year.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

dermal fillers Honolulu HILicensed medical professionals provide dermal fillers to add small amounts of volume to small areas of the body. This nonsurgical treatment involves injecting the soft tissue with synthetic or natural solutions that can reduce the look of aging. Kick-starting the body’s natural healing processes helps make the skin look fuller. Dermal fillers are an outpatient treatment that don’t require any recovery time and involve only a tiny prick at the injection site.

The FDA has approved this procedure for correcting facial wrinkles, skin folds, and facial fat loss. It can also be used for hand augmentation. Patients must be over age 21. Dermal fillers cannot be used for larger areas of the body, like increasing breast or buttock size.

Why Do People Choose These Treatments?

People seek dermal fillers for cosmetic reasons, often to reduce wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. These treatments can make lips look fuller, improve cheek volume, and reduce bags under the eyes as well. Fillers can be used to minimize indented scars like acne pockmarks or to plump up recessed, post-surgical areas. Dermal fillers can even reduce the effects of facial trauma, like minimizing contours caused by a car accident.


When you’re ready to talk to experts about dermal fillers, contact Way Gone Aesthetics in Honolulu, HI. From laser treatments to micro-needling, their licensed medical staff can make you look younger and healthier through safe, comfortable anti-aging services. Call (808) 721-6518 to schedule a free consultation. Visit the website for more information on their services like laser facials and Vitamin B12 therapy.

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