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What to Expect When You Hire a Property Management Company August 3, 2018

Keewaydin, Minneapolis
What to Expect When You Hire a Property Management Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota

When you own one or more rental properties, keeping the units occupied and performing maintenance can become a real nuisance. If you want less hands-on involvement in managing your real estate investments, contact an experienced property management service. They will simplify your life by handling the many tasks that come with running a business. Below is a discussion of what you can expect when you hire a property management company.

Rental & Leasing Services

A good property management company handles all tasks required to rent out your property and keep it generating income as steadily as possible. This includes advertising, interviews, lease agreements, background checks, and anything else required to maintain occupancy. Likewise, they collect rent and assign penalties for late payments.


Property managementYou'll never receive another midnight phone call from a tenant whose pipes have burst or whose refrigerator has stopped working. Your property management service handles all emergency maintenance tasks as well as the routine duties like mowing lawns, sealing decks, and shoveling walkways.

Evictions & Complaints

If one of your tenants throws loud, late-night parties or has an unauthorized pet, the property manager will handle complaints from neighbors and deal with the problem. Moreover, if a tenant presents a continual problem or fails to pay rent, the management company handles the eviction process in a manner required by law.


property management company offers a variety of services that ease your burden as a property owner and free you up to concentrate on other tasks. To discuss your options, contact Twin Cities Home Rental in Minneapolis, MN. They can help you buy, sell, rent, lease, or manage a single- or multi-unit property anywhere in the Twin Cities region. In fact, they guarantee their tenants; if a tenant should require eviction within the first six months, they'll waive their fees and find you a replacement. Call (612) 822-4663 to speak to an experienced property management specialist or visit their website to learn more about their services.

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