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How Team Building Retreats Improve the Workplace August 8, 2018

Lower East Side, Manhattan
How Team Building Retreats Improve the Workplace, Manhattan, New York

Team building retreats have the potential to significantly change the workplace dynamic. Whether you work in a small office or a Fortune 500 company with thousands of people, there’s value in stepping away from one environment and engaging differently in another. Spending a full day away and incorporating various activities within that period can be especially beneficial. This guide explains the benefits of making this part of your company’s routine.

The Importance of Scheduling a Day-Long Company Retreat

What Is the Purpose of a Company Retreat?

team buildingCompany retreats make it easier for employees to engage with one another in a more relaxed environment. Given the many demands that workers face daily, there’s little time to connect with others in a way that contributes to a team-like mentality. By bonding with one another in a less formal atmosphere, the ball starts rolling in a different direction. Simply breaking the ice can minimize stress, relieve tensions, and create a more pleasant working environment.

How Does It Enhance Office Communication?

Spending an entire day offsite with coworkers can be significantly transformative; consider it a form of communication training for the entire team. Simply being in a new location is an icebreaker, and engaging in team building activities can create a sense of kinship among coworkers. More importantly, it encourages honesty and openness.

There’s often an underlying fear of saying the “wrong” thing in the workplace. Developing a relationship outside of that stressful atmosphere makes it simpler to broach difficult topics and come up with solutions together.

How Does It Impact Productivity?

The process of losing those inhibitions and fears that make it tough to communicate in the office can ultimately make a difference to the company’s bottom line. Greater productivity drives a more results-oriented team to work harder and meet their goals more efficiently. Establishing comfort is one of the most impressive results of a day-long company retreat — and that’s something that has a strong impact on the team.


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