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5 Benefits of Adding Insulation to Your Commercial Roof Restoration Project August 9, 2018

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5 Benefits of Adding Insulation to Your Commercial Roof Restoration Project, Eldred, Pennsylvania

There are many ways a roof restoration project could benefit your business. Installed properly, a new system offers stronger protection against leaks and better climate control to benefit your employees, products, and equipment, especially when insulation is a part of the project. Consider these five reasons why your company’s roof should have new insulation installed.

5 Reasons to Install Insulation as Part of Your Roof Restoration

1. It Reduces Energy Costs

The right system will be designed to include insulation around pipes, equipment, and valves, and your business could see utility cost savings in the thousands each year, depending on the square footage of your warehouse or store.  Insulation foam can also be applied that has an 85% reflectivity rating, blocking out UV rays and heat.

2. It Controls Moisture

Piping and equipment operate at temperatures prone to producing moisture on their surfaces, which can lead to corrosion or mold over time. Insulating these surfaces with a vapor retardant material can protect your ductwork, chillers, roof drains, and pipes, eliminating repair and replacement costs in the long-term.

3. It Protects Your Assets

roof restorationFire-retardant insulation works with other materials in your roofing to prevent fires in air ducts and electrical cables near the roofline. Combined with the moisture control benefits of insulation, you can rest easier knowing your products, equipment, and employees are working in safe conditions.

4. It Offers Noise Control

Many operations are noisy, and insulation can help you meet OSHA’s regulations for noise standards in a workplace. Insulation also reduces noise levels on the exterior so that nearby residents and other businesses aren’t affected by your work processes.

5. It’s Environmentally Friendly

Well-designed roofing projects incorporate insulation to reduce a company’s greenhouse gas production, which means less pollution. That’s because insulation reduces energy use, which helps with pollution control.  


If your company in or near Pitman, PA, is interested in a roof restoration, complete with new insulation, the experts at Ridge View Roofing Solutions can help design a system to save you money. Their insulation comes with an 18-year, no-leak warranty. One inch of insulation has 6.7 R-value, and it is applied as a spray foam that allows for almost immediate foot traffic. Call (570) 490-0513 or visit their website to schedule an appointment today.

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