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What Is the Importance of Site Preparation? August 9, 2018

Kodiak, Kodiak Island
What Is the Importance of Site Preparation?, Kodiak, Alaska

Whether you’re building a new home, roadway, shopping center, or any type of structure on land, site preparation is necessary. The soil quality and other issues must be assessed and stabilized before construction can take place. Few teams know more about preparing land than the professionals at Golden Alaska Excavating in Kodiak, AK. Here, they highlight the importance of the service.

A Guide to Site Preparation

What Is Site Preparation?

To build on new land, the site will have to be prepared for construction. Surveying the land is one of the first jobs that must be conducted to determine the quality of the land and what work needs to be done before construction can start. Next, the land has to be cleared of large rocks, trees, roots, and vegetation so it won’t pose a problem after the structure is built.

Site PreparationLand grading is another step that must be completed to prevent drainage problems and erosion. Adding more dirt is sometimes necessary to make the ground level and provide more height. Reshaping the ground to a grade that is required by the engineer and creating a flat surface will make the build more successful. Getting the site connected to the electrical grid and other utilities such as water and sewage is another aspect that must be accomplished.

What Are the Benefits?

The site preparation contractor and the engineers will ensure your project is professionally managed and performed following the state and local building regulations. If you need septic installation or construction services, you will need the help of a licensed and insured team to complete your project.

When you need site preparation, contact the experienced team at Golden Alaska Excavating. The contractors provide a wide array of construction services, including land grading, water and sewer installation and demolition services. As a local, family-owned and -operated construction business, they take an active role in enhancing the Greater Kodiak community. Call (907) 512-0737 or find them online to learn more about the company.

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