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4 FAQ Every Driver Should Ask at an Auto Repair Shop August 20, 2018

Canarsie, Brooklyn
4 FAQ Every Driver Should Ask at an Auto Repair Shop, Brooklyn, New York

When something doesn’t feel or smell quite right with your car, a trip to the auto repair shop is necessary. Since you rely on a car every day, communication with the repair shop is essential to getting the car fixed and back to you promptly. So, here are some common inquiries regarding car problem management.

4 Auto Repair FAQ

What Should I Do If My Check Engine Light Illuminates?

When the check engine light turns on, a code is sent to the car’s computer. To locate which system has the problem, a mechanic will interpret the code and make repairs. Bring your vehicle in for help immediately; if you wait, the engine could experience widespread damage, decreased gas mileage, and excessive emissions.

How Should I Describe an Auto Problem to a Mechanic?

To get your vehicle fixed correctly and promptly, you must explain the vehicle’s symptoms. For example, does your car pull to the left? Does the steering wheel vibrate? This information will help the mechanic pinpoint which parts could be the cause.

Next, explain the context in which the symptoms occur. For example, does the steering wheel vibrate when you’re stopped at a red light or when you’re driving down the highway? The repair team can use these details to find the source faster.

How Often Should I Schedule Regular Auto Maintenance?

Your car has a specific maintenance schedule, detailed in the owner’s manual, for various parts. To maximize the longevity of the vehicle, prevent expensive damage, and stay safe on the road, you must stick to that schedule. Mark these dates on your calendar, and don’t wait until the last minute.

Where Should I Take My Car for Auto Repairs?

There are a few options for auto repairs: dealers, chain repair shops, and independent repair shops. Dealers specialize in your type of car, so they often have specific parts on hand. Chains and franchised auto repair shops usually offer lower prices, but typically only perform a specific task — such as tune ups or brake service. Independent repair shops may undergo certifications, such as Automotive Service Excellence certification, to bring the highest quality workmanship to their customers.


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