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Regional International has a large inventory of new and used heavy- and medium- duty trucks, trailers, wreckers and rollbacks, as well as long and short term rentals. We also sell a vast array of parts, and service all-makes of commercial vehicles including warranty and collision repair in Henrietta, NY.

3 Steps to Take Immediately After a Truck Collision July 30, 2018

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3 Steps to Take Immediately After a Truck Collision, Henrietta, New York

From sedans pulling into blind spots to changing lanes without proper clearing, there are several ways to get into a collision while driving a heavy-duty commercial vehicle. How the accident is handled at the scene can impact a trucking company’s reputation, insurance rates, and repair coverage. Below are three steps you should take following an accident to avoid legal blowback and expedite the truck collision repair process.

What Every Truck Driver Should Do Following a Collision 

1. Call Your Company Representatives

After the accident, make sure everyone is okay, call for medical assistance if needed, and contact the police. The next call you should make is to a company representative. The fleet manager can provide further assistance by reaching out to the insurance provider and telling you the company’s procedures following accidents. This way, you’ll know whether to file a state vehicle accident report. 

2. Take Photos of the Damage

When it comes time to file an insurance claim for truck collision repair, providing the lender with all the necessary information will expedite the approval process. Take detailed pictures of the damage from different angles to include with the claim. Having photo evidence could clear up any questions regarding policy coverage. 

3. Get Statements From Witnesses

Buffalo-New-York-truck-collision-repairHaving a vehicle accident report could accelerate insurance claim approval for truck collision repair. It can also be used for any possible litigation proceedings later. The report should be as accurate as possible, so take detailed notes regarding the condition of all damaged vehicles, where debris has fallen on the road, and the conditions of the ground before the accident. To have evidence of what happened from different vantage points, collect statements from witnesses. Get their names and contact details, as well as information from involved parties and responding officers, to include in the report. 


If you have been in an accident, the professionals at Regional International Truck and Trailer, with three locations in New York, are trained to provide extensive repairs on commercial vehicles by various manufacturers. If the damage is beyond repair, the company also has high-quality, heavy-duty rigs for sale so your business operations don’t have to suffer. To learn more about truck collision repair services available in New York, call (800) 836-0409, or visit the truck and trailer dealership online to schedule an appointment. Make sure to follow them on Facebook for new merchandise announcements.  

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