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3 Facts About Fillings & Sealants You Should Know November 20, 2018

3 Facts About Fillings & Sealants You Should Know, Anchorage, Alaska

Cavities are common oral health issues, and when treated quickly, easy to resolve. Sealants and fillings are the initial protective and restorative options. Understanding the important role each play will ensure you seek proper treatment from your dentist as needed, as well as know what to expect for an upcoming procedure.

3 Interesting Facts About Fillings and Sealants

1. They’re Long-Lasting

Sealants, which are coatings a dentist will paint onto the chewing surfaces of your tooth, are meant to protect against bacteria before cavities occur. They’re especially helpful on molars, where it’s difficult to brush inside all the grooves. They can last up to 10 years; fillings, which are used to fill cavities, can last roughly the same amount of time if cared for properly.

2. Sealants Are Effective for All Ages

dentist-four-corners-dental-groupWhen they’re applied to molars as they come in, sealants can provide extended protection against cavities. Many people develop their first cavities as children, so by drastically reducing the possibility, you’re building a strong foundation for a healthy smile. Adults can also benefit from sealants, so speak with your dentist to see if they’re an option.

3. It Only Takes One Session

Sealants are applied painlessly, and the procedure rarely lasts longer than an hour. Fillings require more work, however, and an anesthetic will be used to numb the area. It’s painless once it sets in, and in most cases, only takes one session with your dentist to get lasting results.


Whether you’re interested in sealants, need a filling, or just a basic cleaning, turn to a dentist at Four Corners Dental Group. Their experienced team offers a variety of services, including pediatric, laser, and cosmetic dentistry. They’re committed to providing affordable dental care and will work closely with you to achieve the best results. Call (907) 376-2790 today to schedule an appointment at their Anchorage office or dial (907) 376-2790 for their Wasilla, AK, location. You can also visit their website and Facebook page to learn more about their family dentistry services.

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