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How to Save on Your Car Insurance August 21, 2018

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How to Save on Your Car Insurance , High Point, North Carolina

Car insurance offers financial protection in the event of an accident, making it an absolute necessity for every driver. While you may understand the importance of maintaining a policy, it doesn't mean that you enjoy the associated costs. Fortunately, saving on auto coverage is often much easier than you'd imagine. If you're ready to cut your insurance costs, here are three ways to do it.

3 Ways to Save on Your Car Insurance

1. Take a Driving Safety Course

Regardless of age, a defensive driving course is an excellent way to cut policy costs. Many companies offer discounts for drivers who take safety courses because it increases their ability to avoid accidents. Before you sign up for a class, check with your agent to find specific requirements or preferences of your provider. If you have a teenager that's preparing to get their license, sign them up for a driver's education course to help reduce the costs when you add them to your policy.

2. Improve Credit Ratings

car insuranceMany drivers don't realize their credit score can affect their insurance rates, especially when it comes to vehicle coverage. Many providers view credit scores as a sign of a person's behavior patterns—the lower the score, the higher the chance of risky on-the-road behaviors. If your rating is currently on the lower end of the spectrum, you may score a better insurance rate by working to improve it. Paying down debt to reduce your income-to-debt ratio is helpful, but something as simple as making all of your payments on time is an excellent place to start.

3. Consider Bundling

Most insurance companies offer reduced rates for individuals that bundle their policies. If you already have a renters or homeowners insurance plan, then you could reduce overall coverage costs by moving it to the same provider as your car insurance. To take advantage of this savings opportunity, ask your agent for a quote to determine the price difference between separate policies and a bundled one.


Ready to save on your car insurance? Turn to Dewey Beckner at Allstate Insurance Companies in High Point, NC. For over 20 years, this agent has worked closely with residents and businesses throughout the Piedmont Triad region to help them find the most affordable coverage options. His personalized approach and industry experience ensures his clients receive the highest quality service. Request an insurance quote today at (336) 884-5636 or by visiting the agency's website.

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