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Concert Recording Company Shares How to Tune Onstage Smoothly August 9, 2018

Long Island City, Queens
Concert Recording Company Shares How to Tune Onstage Smoothly, Queens, New York

Guitarists must tune their instruments occasionally to keep strings calibrated to the correct pitch. However, when performing live, it can feel unprofessional and pull the audience out of the experience. Rock Concerts Online, a concert recording company based in Long Island, NY, shares the following tips to keep instruments tuned without distracting from the performance.

Video Production Company 5 Onstage Tuning Tips

1. Acclimate the Guitar

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Weather conditions can impact the performance of your guitar and strings. Give the instrument time to stabilize by acclimating it to the stage environment at least 30 minutes before the performance.

2. Use Extra Instruments

If you need to use multiple tuning for a live performance, consider bringing multiple guitars. Swapping instruments between songs will eliminate the interruption of tuning to the appropriate key.

3. Mute While You Tune

When plugged into an amp, deploy a mute pedal as you tune, and use the down time to talk to the audience. Though you’ll still be able to hear the tones, the audience won’t.

4. Avoid Harsh Picking

If you play the guitar too hard, your strings may go flat in the middle of a set. Adjust your playing technique to be gentler on the strings, especially if you use finger-picking frequently.

5. Regularly Replace Strings

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Replace your strings on a regular basis, especially before a live concert recording. Old strings are less tensile, so they fall out of tune more quickly.

Sometimes, spending time tuning onstage is unavoidable during a live gig. However, with a bit of foresight, you can incorporate this step into the act in a way that feels both seamless and professional. Bands on Long Island or in NYC can capture their crystal-clear sound and live performance with video production company Rock Concerts Online. Working with owner Jill Rezak, you’ll benefit from high-quality concert recordings at affordable prices. To learn more about their video production services, call (516) 375-9657 today, or visit them online to view videos of their past work.

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