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The Do’s & Don’ts of Pet Nutrition August 2, 2018

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The Do’s & Don’ts of Pet Nutrition, Chester, New York

When it comes to proper pet care, nutrition is a priority. Just like you, animals need a balanced, regular diet to stay happy and healthy. The Goshen Animal Hospital, a leading veterinary clinic in Chester, NY, help individuals create a personalized dietary plan to suit their cat and dog’s lifestyle. They share the some of the biggest do’s and don’ts on the topic below.


Schedule meals.

Pets should stick to a set meal schedule to regulate their metabolism. By eating at the same time every day, twice in most cases, they will have fairly consistent bowel movements. This makes training less complicated and can prevent overeating and obesity. It’ll also be easier to tell when your pet skips a meal, which may be a sign that they need medical attention.

Keep bowls clean.

Over time, bowls that go uncleaned become riddled with bacteria that could make your pet sick. Rinse out their food plates after every feeding and disinfect them once every other week. Sitting water is much more susceptible to germs, so if it’s been out for a while, wash the dish and swap it out with fresh, clean water.

Ask vets for advice.

pet careIf you’re unsure what foods would be best for your cat or dog, ask a pet care expert. Your veterinarian knows your animal’s history and needs, so they can recommend the brands and types of foods that would benefit them. Some also provide dietary and nutritional counseling to keep them in top shape.


Feed cats & dogs the same diet.

Some pet owners are tempted to cut costs by offering their cats and dogs the same foods. Most pet care professionals will warn you not to take that chance on your animals’ health because they have separate nutritional needs. Feed each pet according to their species, as well as their size, weight, and age.

Blindly give pets human food.

It’s common for owners to pass their begging dog a scrap at the dinner table, but they’re taking a gamble on their pet’s well-being. Many foods that are safe for humans are toxic to cats and dogs. Grapes, alcohol, caffeine, yeast, garlic, and macadamia nuts are just a few of the surprisingly deadly foods these animals must avoid. If your pet gets into any of these, contact emergency pet care services immediately.

Goshen Animal Hospital prioritizes the health and comfort of your pet. Their dietary and nutritional counseling services will establish a clear list of vitamins and minerals your animal should get based on their needs. The veterinarians also perform a variety of essential pet care services, including vaccinations, in-house lab testing, parasite protection, surgery, and emergency care. Visit the website for more information about how they can assist. To schedule a visit, call (845) 469-4277 today.

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