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Ellsworth Electrical Contractor Shares 5 Tips on Home Lighting August 14, 2018

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Ellsworth Electrical Contractor Shares 5 Tips on Home Lighting, Ellsworth, Wisconsin

When it comes to home design, lighting can make or break the functionality and style of a room. If it’s insufficient or even too bright, the feeling of the space will be thrown off. You may even find yourself spending less time there. If you’re wondering how to properly light your home, Walter’s Inc. is here to help. Based in Ellsworth, WI, this electrical contractor is trusted by both residential and commercial clients. Here are a few of their tricks to successfully brighten up your home.

5 Tips for Lighting Different Rooms of the House

1. Brighten the Kitchen

For maximum utility and safety, the kitchen should have a considerable amount of lighting. Prioritize focused task lighting over the countertops, the stove, and the sink; recessed lights will help with this, as will hanging pendant lamps.

2. Use Dimmers in the Dining Room

Like the kitchen, there should be focused, overhead lighting on the table. However, since many people use the dining room for entertaining, it’s nice to have ambient options. A chandelier outfitted with dimmers helps achieve this.

electrical contractor3. Frame Bathroom Mirrors With Sconces

Many homeowners make the mistake of having just a single ceiling fixture in the bathroom. Although this is functional enough, it can cast unsightly shadows on whoever’s looking in the mirror. To offset this and soften the shadows, have an electrical contractor install a sconce on either side of the mirror.

4. Choose Layered Lighting for Living Rooms

Living rooms are used for conversation, watching movies, studying, and much more! Because of this, there should be a variety of fixtures. Torchiere floor lamps and sconces are fantastic for creating soft, ambient lighting as they bounce light off the ceilings and walls. You’ll also need task lighting by the seating; table, tower, downbridge, and arching floor lamps are perfect for this.

5. Use Energy-Efficient Bulbs Whenever Possible

To save energy and lower the price of your utility bills, invest in LED or CFL bulbs where you can. Remember that not every fixture can use these kinds of bulbs; for example, dimmer switches are incompatible with standard LED versions. While there are dimmable ones available, you may still have problems if you have older switches. When in doubt, ask your electrical contractor about which bulbs to use.

If you’re in the Ellsworth area and looking for an experienced electrical contractor to help with your lighting, contact Walter’s Inc. They also offer plumbing, septic, and HVAC services! For more information or to schedule an appointment, call them today at (715) 792-5336.

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