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3 Signs Your Child Will Thrive in a Gifted & Talented Program July 29, 2018

Forest Hills, Queens
3 Signs Your Child Will Thrive in a Gifted & Talented Program, Queens, New York

From breezing through homework assignments to receiving perfect test scores, some children might grasp concepts more quickly than others in their age range. Kids need to be challenged to stay engaged both in and out of the classroom, which means your child might benefit from enrollment in a gifted and talented program. They can advance at an accelerated pace in areas where they excel creatively or academically. Here are a few ways to tell your child should be in a gifted and talented program. 

When to Enroll Your Child in a Gifted & Talented Program

1. They Exhibit Advanced Reasoning Skills

Whether a child is speaking to siblings at home or teachers at school, you can tell a lot by their ability to communicate with others. If a child exhibits advanced verbal skills for their age, including a clear understanding of specific words and phrases their peers wouldn’t typically grasp, they’ll benefit from the advanced reading comprehension opportunities a gifted and talented program provides. Children who provide detailed answers to questions or possess strong critical-thinking skills are also prime candidates for an accelerated academic program. 

2. They Excel at Specific Subjects

Forest-Hills-New-York-gifted-&-talented-programAlthough a child’s ability to communicate could become clear before they start school, you might notice other signs based on their performance in the classroom. Apart from report cards and test scores, teachers should be able to provide insight about where your child excels. If they are the star student in specific subjects, a program for high-achieving kids will offer “enriched” lessons in these academic fields.  

3. They Like to Think Outside the Box

If your youngster has a sharp sense of humor or likes to share stories and invent their own games, enroll them in a special program. They’ll be able to let their creativity shine in both academic- and arts-based activities. Interacting with others to solve problems and create projects will improve their interpersonal skills and help them succeed later in life. 


If you want to enroll your youngster in a gifted and talented program in the New York City Metropolitan area, reach out to JEI Learning Center Forest Hills in Queens. The educators at this local learning center will provide young minds with a solid foundation to reach their academic goals. To learn more about learning programs available in Forest Hills, call (718) 268-2890 or visit the center online.

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