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Time For a Check-Up! USA Hoich Irrigation Offers Spring Start-Up Sprinkler Service June 3, 2015

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Time For a Check-Up! USA Hoich Irrigation Offers Spring Start-Up Sprinkler Service, Chalco, Nebraska

Once the warmer weather starts to consistently make an appearance in late springtime, homeowners should begin checking all of their outdoor equipment. USA Hoich Irrigation understands the importance of seasonal tune-ups and offers a variety of irrigation system services to their customers.

It doesn’t matter if you have sprinkler systems by Rainbird, Toro, Hunter, Weathermatic, or others; the irrigation specialists at USA Hoich Irrigation will make sure that it’s up to par. There are different tune-ups and checks that should be completed before each season:

  • Spring Start-Up: Technicians will activate the system and check the program controller and battery. They will run the system through all of the zones, adjust the sprinkler heads if necessary, remove any air from the valves and check for leaks.
  • Summer Adjustment: Each of the zones is tested and the controller is reprogrammed by the technicians for the summer heat. Sprinkler heads are adjusted and checked for leaks.
  • Fall Winterization: The sprinkler system is drained and the vacuum breaker, or backflow, is prepared for the winter months.

USA Hoich Irrigation also offers three different plans to their customers, depending on their needs:

  • Bronze Plan (2-step): Includes Spring Start-Up and Fall Winterization. Customers receive a 3% discount on parts labor for repairs.
  • Silver Plan (3-step): Includes Spring Start-Up, Summer Check and Fall Winterization. Customers receive 4% discount on parts and labor for repairs.
  • Gold Plan (4-step): Includes Spring Start-Up, Early Summer Adjustment, Late Summer Adjustment and Fall Winterization. Customers receive 6% discount on parts and labor for repairs.

So if you need your irrigation systems checked to ensure consistent, thorough watering for your lawn, call the lawn irrigation experts at USA Hoich Irrigation. You can reach them at (402) 896-5899 or visit them online.

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