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3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Summer Rental Guestbook August 8, 2018

Daphne, Baldwin
3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Summer Rental Guestbook, Daphne, Alabama

A guestbook is a fun way to connect with your guests and share useful information about your summer rental. This is an opportunity to be creative and get personal with your renters. The staff at Alabama Vacation Home Rentals have helped a lot of owners prepare their vacation rentals on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. They’ve shared their tips for creating a fun guestbook that all your renters will love.

How to Create a Guestbook for a Summer Rental

1. Write a Personal Note

Though you may not be there to welcome your guests to the rental yourself, you can create a more personal connection by having a note waiting for them upon their arrival. This personal note should be on the first page of the book, so it’s the first thing they see when they open it. Introduce yourself, express your appreciation for their business, and give them well wishes for their vacation. If you have good handwriting, pen your message for a personal touch. Otherwise, type it up and sign it at the bottom of the page.

2. Include Useful Information

Compiling useful information for your renters will help them have a more enjoyable stay. First, provide all the house information they may need for their stay. This may include Wi-Fi login information, property access instructions, climate control directions, laundry facilities guidelines, and any property rules you want them to follow.

Provide local emergency numbers such as the nearest hospital, police station, and fire department. Give helpful information for their enjoyment of the area. This could include your recommendations for the best restaurants, ideas of activities they can try, nightlife, nearby shopping, and local hikes. Share information on local transportation in case they don’t have a vehicle with them, including timetables, maps, and specific directions for the most popular nearby destinations.

3. Give Prompts for Notes

summer rentalInclude a section in the back of the book where guests can leave their mark. Sometimes they don’t know what to write, so give some prompts on the pages to encourage them. This could include asking them what their favorite experience was in the area, where they had the best meal, or what book they suggest taking to the beach. This will be fun for them to answer and useful for other guests who are just arriving.

The staff at Alabama Vacation Home Rentals know that setting up a summer rental for the first time can feel challenging. That’s why they are dedicated to making it simple for you. They will list your home to make connecting with guests easy while giving you complete access over your vacation home rentals. Call (251) 333-6500 to ask about listing your property on their website, or register online to schedule a free trial.

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