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4 Ways Frequent Travelers Benefit From Smart Alarm Systems August 1, 2018

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4 Ways Frequent Travelers Benefit From Smart Alarm Systems, Harrisonburg, Virginia

If you frequently travel for business or pleasure, you want peace of mind that your property is safe while you are away. A solid home security plan will protect your household and keep your belongings safe. There are many types of security systems on the market today, but a smart alarm system is a top choice for those who are constantly on the move. Here are the top four reasons to invest in a smart home alarm today.

Why Travelers Need a Smart Alarm System

1. Remote Access

You may not be physically on the property, but with smart security, you always appear to be home. Depending on the specific equipment, homeowners with a smart setup can access various parts of their security system remotely. You can lock and unlock doors, set or disarm alarms, view camera footage in and around your property, and even check on lights and thermostat settings all from an app on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Cost Savings

Smart alarm systems tend to be more affordable than hardwired, traditional home security. Once security cameras and sensors are installed, everything else is controlled by applications over a wireless network. These apps typically come at little or no additional cost. You can also customize what you need and don’t have to purchase unnecessary equipment, which gives you more money for your travels.

3. 24-Hour Monitoring

security systemsYou want to enjoy yourself while you see the world, and a smart security system lets you relax. They utilize features that allow you to set alarms and notifications when someone is on the property or ringing the doorbell. While periodic check-ins are always a good idea, you can rely on your smart alarms 24/7 to alert you on your cellphone when there is a possible issue.

4. Automation

Automated features allow you to preset lights, alarms, and room temperatures before leaving. A well-lit home is a deterrent for anyone trying to commit a crime. It also makes it seem as if someone is present. Automating systems like the thermostat keeps your home running efficiently while you are away, letting you control how much energy is being used at all times so you can keep bills down.


Hawk Security Systems Inc. has served Virginia and West Virginia since 1990. Located in Harrisonburg, VA, their security systems are customized to suit each client’s personal needs and budget. With free on-site consultations and a team of highly trained technicians, this home security company ensures that your property is protected no matter where you are. Their team is also available 24 hours a day for even more safety. Call (540) 434-4295 to learn about their available home security systems or visit them online.

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