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Italian Restaurant’s 3 Favorite Names for Sub Sandwiches August 3, 2018

Trumbull, Fairfield County
Italian Restaurant’s 3 Favorite Names for Sub Sandwiches , Trumbull, Connecticut

Whether you’re from the Deep South or the West Coast, you’ve likely heard people referring to sub sandwiches in different ways. And, this inconsistency can become confusing for those living in Connecticut, who may not be sure whether to call a sandwich by its New York City or New England name. That’s why the experts at Crown Pizza – the leading Italian restaurant in Trumbull, CT – have put together this guide. Here, they share a few of their favorite names from around the world and hope that this can clarify some confusion.

Italian Restaurant on What People Call Sub Sandwiches Around the Country

1. Po’ Boy

For those hailing from Louisiana – or any other state in the Gulf Coast – the term Po’ Boy is likely familiar. These sandwiches typically incorporate French bread, rather than the standard Italian roll. They’re also piled high with fried seafood — including shrimp, crawfish, oysters, or crab — or roast beef. With the addition of many delicious toppings, this sandwich is almost always a crowd-pleaser.

2. Grinder

italian restaurantIf you live in Connecticut but consider yourself part of the New England region, then you probably refer to these sandwiches as grinders. These sandwiches get their nickname from their toughness, and they’re commonly filled with piping-hot meatballs or other warm meats. Many people are also quick to point out that grinder only refers to hot sandwiches, while subs are always served cold.

3. Hero

On the other hand, those that love everything about New York City typically refer to their sub sandwiches as heroes. This versatile name refers to sandwiches that are hot or cold. They can be filled with just about any food including corned beef, meatballs, port, and other deli meats.

Regardless of what you call them, sub sandwiches are delicious and satisfying options for any meal. And, the experts at Crown Pizza offer various subs, wraps, and sandwiches — as well as pasta and salads. Open seven days a week, this Italian restaurant is committed to providing excellent customer service and delectable Italian food. To view their menu or place an order, visit their website today. Or, if you have any questions, call a team member by dialing (203) 268-3700.

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