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3 Tips for Choosing Lighting Fixtures for Your Home August 1, 2018

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3 Tips for Choosing Lighting Fixtures for Your Home, Enterprise, Alabama

Lighting fixtures are an important functional and aesthetic component in interior design. It can be difficult to identify the right size and style to complement your decor and provide adequate light, though. Below, the staff at Enterprise Wholesale, Inc. share some tips to help you discover the perfect lighting solution for your home in Southeast Alabama.

How to Choose the Right Lighting Fixtures

1. Use Variety

lighting fixturesEvery room should have more than one type of lighting. Start with functional overhead lighting to illuminate the entire space, such as recessed lighting, flush-mount fixtures, or chandeliers. Then add more decorative, ambient light from table lamps and sconces. For example, a kitchen requires ample overhead lighting, under-cabinet lights to illuminate work surfaces, and decorative pendants hanging over the island.

2. Highlight Important Features

Strategic lighting can also lend a dramatic touch by drawing the eye to important features.  For example, install an overhead spotlight to highlight an attractive piece of art, or flank a sculpture with two table lamps. You can also use lighting to showcase the focal point of a room, such as a chandelier hung over the dining room table.

3. Find the Perfect Chandelier

A chandelier instantly transforms a space by adding interest and elegance. The size of chandelier you choose will depend on the size of the space. If the room is smaller than 100 square feet, the fixture shouldn’t be larger than 20 inches wide. For rooms closer to 120 square feet, the fixture can be between 22 to 27 inches wide. Spaces larger than 200 square feet look best with chandeliers measuring 24 to 32 inches wide.

Visit the extensive selection in the Enterprise Wholesale, Inc., showroom when you’re ready to start shopping for your home. Their talented team of lighting and flooring contractors can guide you in choosing the best solutions for your needs. With a wide selection of area rugs, flooring, and lighting fixtures is, you’ll find reasonably priced designs to fit every budget. Call (334) 347-7033 or complete their online contact form to schedule an estimate.

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