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What Is Waterlase® Dentistry? August 13, 2018

Central Park, Manhattan
What Is Waterlase® Dentistry?, Manhattan, New York

For many patients, the drill is the most feared tool in a dentist’s arsenal. Fortunately, thanks to advanced laser technology, the drill is a thing of the past at many dental offices. Waterlase® treatment is used to perform numerous procedures, from removing plaque and bacteria to comprehensive restorations. Here’s what patients can expect when undergoing treatment via dental lasers.

Your Guide to Waterlase Treatment

How Does It Work?

Waterlase is at the forefront of dental innovation thanks to its specialized design, which uses concentrated light energy coupled with water to perform common dental procedures. The innovative handpiece allows your dentist to precisely aim the laser to the treatment area, which reduces irritation to surrounding tissues, while the water cleanly washes away debris.

What Conditions Does It Treat?

DentistWaterlase has numerous dental applications. If you’re suffering from extensive decay, your dentist can use it to remove damaged enamel to make way for sealant. It can help treat gum disease during teeth cleanings by removing plaque and tartar stuck between teeth. It can also be used on the gums themselves to remove excess tissue, or even oral growths like papilla.

What Are Some Benefits?

The primary benefit of Waterlase systems is the increased comfort. In fact, some patients need less anesthetic during procedures, and some forgo it altogether. Additionally, Waterlase makes procedures quicker to perform, which means less of your day will be taken up at the dentist. It also results in diminished swelling and bleeding of oral tissues thanks to its impressive precision.


Pure Dental Care NY in Manhattan is proud to offer their patients innovative procedures such as Waterlase to ensure maintaining proper dental hygiene is as easy and comfortable as possible. Located in Central Park South, they specialize in a variety of cosmetic and general dentistry services, including bridges, implants, and root canals. Schedule your appointment with a dentist today by calling (212) 256-1292. You can also prepare for your first appointment by visiting their website.

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