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3 Ways to Utilize a Custom Metal Building November 1, 2018

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3 Ways to Utilize a Custom Metal Building, Dothan, Alabama

Whether you run a business or are starting a family, you need room to grow. Instead of purchasing a brand-new building, however, you can gain additional space through the construction of a custom metal building. Built directly onto your property, these structures have a variety of benefits to meet your every need.

The Benefits of a Custom Metal Building

1. Storage Space

custom metal buildingLife is seasonal, as is your business, family, décor, and needs. During the winter months, you won't have use for swimming floats, sprinkler systems, or Independence Day fireworks. On the contrary, during the summer, your Christmas decorations don't get much use. Instead of storing boxes in your closet, attic, basement, or under the bed, place them safety within your metal barns. With walls steel, these structures are fireproof, waterproof, animal and insect resistant, and prevent the growth of mold or mildew. As a result, your belongings are safe from all exterior threats until you need them again.

2. Work Space

A custom metal building on your commercial property gives you additional space to work. This comes in handy when hiring new employees. Place desks, chairs, storage, and electricity within to create a comfortable and productive environment. As a homeowner, this barn can be used to work on your hobbies. For example, car enthusiasts can store their vehicles, motorcycles, engines, and parts neatly within. This allows you a private place to invest in your craft while keeping your home clean, organized, and free of clutter.

3. Living Space

One of the best aspects of being a homeowner is entertaining guests. Having friends and family over for an evening or weekend of fun is satisfying and enjoyable. With a custom metal building on your property, they no longer have to sleep on a blow-up mattress. You can turn this building into additional living quarters. Install a bathroom, kitchenette, and queen-size bed to allow guests privacy. This gives you and your family space as well, making a long weekend with in-house guests comfortable for all.


Constructing a custom metal building on your business or residential property is a lucrative investment. If you're ready to begin, call Stor All Custom Metal Buildings and Roofing. Located in Dothan, AL, they specialize in a number of different structures. From awnings and garages to barns and screen rooms, they focus on creating a building unique to your needs. Check out photos of their past work on their website. Or, call for an estimate by dialing (334) 685-0175 today.

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