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Keep Your Model Trains Running Efficiently With These Simple Tips August 1, 2018

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Keep Your Model Trains Running Efficiently With These Simple Tips, Jacksonville, Arkansas

Model trains are a popular hobby and provide hours of entertainment and creative construction for individuals of all ages. However, there comes a time when the engine will begin to show signs of slowing down. Follow these simple troubleshooting tips to help you determine the issue and implement a solution that will keep model trains running efficiently.

How to Keep Your Model Trains Running Smoothly

1. Test the Train Set

model trainsWhen the locomotive slows down or stutters to a stop on a particular part of the track, the first step is to perform a test with a few of your other trains. Have them run the circuit a couple of times and keep an eye on the problem area. If they have the same issue, then it’s most likely something wrong with the track. If not, then you can safely assume that the problem is with the engine itself.

2. Clean the Track

It’s common for airborne particles to collect on the track and disrupt the train’s connection. The best way to restore its condition is to purchase a liquid cleaner from the local hobby shop. Isopropyl alcohol and Goo Gone™ will also do the trick. Using a soft cloth or paper towel, gently rub the liquid over the tracks to break down the buildup and clean the surface so the train can continue to run smoothly.

3. Inspect the Train

Dust can also gather on the wheels of the model train and prevent it from functioning correctly. Apply a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to a soft cloth or paper towel and roll the wheels along its surface to dislodge any particles that may have collected within the grooves. If the locomotive continues to stutter, then it could be an issue with the wiring and will need to be inspected by an experienced professional.


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