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When You Need a Lawyer, Experience is Everything June 3, 2015

Downtown Anchorage, Anchorage
When You Need a Lawyer, Experience is Everything, Anchorage, Alaska

Whether you're trying to receive compensation for personal injuries or have been charged with a crime, the outcome of your case depends a great deal on the experience and expertise of your lawyer. For more than 32 years, the Law Office of Susan H. Carse has provided Anchorage residents with exceptional legal representation in a wide variety of situations, from divorces and custody disputes to DUI and criminal cases. Over the course of her career, she has established a reputation as an attorney who will aggressively advocate for your interests and has the ability to help in a variety of situations.

The legal process is complicated, with many missteps and pitfalls awaiting people who don't have specialized knowledge and expertise. Whether you're dealing with family court or facing a criminal charge, a minor mistake could have serious ramifications that affect the rest of your life, so don't try to handle the complexities by yourself. An experienced legal representative who is dedicated to protecting your rights will outline all your options and develop the best strategy for achieving your desired outcome.

Not only does Susan H. Carse know what it takes to achieve justice, but she also knows what clients expect from a good lawyer, which is why her office prides itself on providing highly personalized service to every client. No matter what legal difficulties you're facing, they'll stand behind you every step of the way.

If you need a criminal defense or divorce attorney, visit the Law Office of Susan H. Carse online or call (907) 222-3705 to schedule a consultation today.

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