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What to Do & Avoid During a DUI Traffic Stop September 12, 2018

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What to Do & Avoid During a DUI Traffic Stop, Anchorage, Alaska

Getting pulled over for signs of drunk driving is incredibly stressful. Since much of the evidence of impairment is subjective, a wrong move can result in criminal charges, regardless of your blood alcohol content. Fortunately, there are steps all motorists can take to reduce the chances of a DUI traffic stop turning into an arrest. The knowledgeable team at the Law Office of Philip Shanahan in Anchorage, AK, shares a few of them below. 


Remain polite.

If officers pull you over for signs of DUI, they are likely biased before the interaction begins. Regardless of how abrasive or rude the police may be, remain polite, and do not give them any cause to question your behavior further. 

Comply with reasonable requests.

When officers ask for your driver’s license, insurance information, and registration paperwork, provide these documents immediately. As long as you are cooperative, they will have no reason to escalate the situation. 


Consent to field sobriety tests.

DUIMotorists have the right to refuse field sobriety tests—and police know this, but are not required to inform motorists of that right. If an officer asks you (or appears to order you) to perform field sobriety tests, you’re allowed to politely and legally decline. Since the results of these tests are entirely subjective, even those who have not been drinking may prefer to refuse. 

Volunteer information. 

You are under no obligation to answer questions from the officer.  In other words, questions regarding what you have been doing, where you are headed, where you are coming from, how much you had to drink—or anything else. Bluffing or lying will not help you in this scenario. Therefore, many prefer to avoid engaging with the officer. After providing all the essential documents, you can politely state that you do not wish to answer any questions without an attorney present. 

Unfortunately, even if you follow all these tips, you may still wind up facing DUI charges. In this case, turn to the Law Office of Philip Shanahan for quality counsel and representation. This criminal defense firm has been representing clients for over two decades. In addition to drunk driving, their areas of expertise include charges for robbery, assault, drug crimes, and murder. Visit the website to see what past clients have to say about their guidance in high-stakes situations. Call (907) 334-3339 to schedule an initial consultation today. 

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