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3 Tips for Helping Your Aging Parent Move September 3, 2018

Makakilo - Kapolei - Honokai Hale, Ewa
3 Tips for Helping Your Aging Parent Move, Ewa, Hawaii

Moving is stressful for individuals of all ages, but it becomes increasingly more challenging with age. Adults tend to collect more possessions as they age, so by the time they retire and decide to downsize, their collection of belongings is often burdensome. As such, trying to organize and pack a lifelong curation of physical memories is a huge undertaking. Whether your parents are downsizing to a condo or are moving in with you, follow these tips to achieve a successful, stress-free move.

3 Moving Tips to Help Your Aging Parent Relocate

1. Create a Clear Plan

The key to an easy move is to create a thorough plan well ahead of time. The packing process should begin months before moving day, so start creating a plan to tackle the venture as soon as you have a firm date. Work with your parent to determine which rooms should be packed first—it’s typically best to start with the least-used areas. From there, you can craft a timeline as to when each room must be completed to ensure you stay on schedule.

2. Make It a Family Event

movingWhen it comes to downsizing, moving is often an emotional experience. Even the most mundane items can hold sentimental value, so your parents are likely to struggle with choosing which items they want to move to their new home as opposed to storing or donating. Consider inviting other family members during the packing stages to allow everyone to reminisce and make parting with belongings easier.

3. Organize by Room & Type

It’s important that you organize belongings as you go. Go through each room with your parent, and help them separate their possessions into three main categories: keep, store, and donate. Within each of these categories, box like-items together to make the unpacking process simpler.


With the right preparation, helping your parent begin the relocation process is simple. As for the heavy lifting, turn to the team at Aloha International Moving Services in Kapolei, HI, for professional assistance. Known for their commitment to quality service and competitive rates, the moving company serves the needs of both residential and commercial clients. Learn more about their moving services or request a quote today by visiting them online or by calling (808) 682-2500.

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