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Buying Seafood? Make Sure You Order the Right Amount August 10, 2018

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Buying Seafood? Make Sure You Order the Right Amount, Bon Secour, Alabama

Fresh-caught seafood is a delicious dinner option. However, for many people, deciding how much seafood to buy can be a challenge, especially if you’re looking at different cuts or types of preparation. The experts at Billy’s Seafood Inc. in Bon Secour, AL, want to help. They’ve put together a simple guide to make sure you buy the right amount of fresh fish and shellfish, whether you’re planning a nice dinner at home or cooking a feast for a large gathering.

The Type of Cut Matters

The amount you buy largely depends on the way the fish is prepared. Whole, or “drawn” fish, leaves the bones, skin, and scales in place. This means there’s some extra weight to each cut that you can’t eat or make use of. If you’re planning on buying a whole fish, buy ¾ to 1 pound of fish per serving at minimum. Filleting a fish removes much of the bone structure, skin, and excess weight from the flesh itself, giving you more edible fish per cut. This means you can purchase about ½ pound of filleted fish per serving.

It’s Best to Buy More Than You Think You’ll Need

SeafoodFresh fish, shrimp, and shellfish make fantastic leftovers after the initial meal. If you’re not sure how much your guests or family intend to eat, be prepared and order more than a single serving per person. If there are leftovers, put them in the refrigerator and save them. Prepared fish can also be frozen when properly sealed in an air-tight freezer bag or container. Just make sure it gets used within a few weeks of freezing for the best taste and texture.

Whether you’re looking for fresh shrimp or a delectable platter of red snapper, the team at Billy’s Seafood Inc. is happy to help. Whether you live right on the Gulf or request a shipment delivered right to your door anywhere in the U.S., their team delivers the freshest catches every time. Check out their selection online and place an order today. Need help deciding on the best variety for an upcoming dinner? Call (251) 949-6288 to speak with a member of their staff.

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