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When Is the Best Time to Re-Roof Your Home? July 24, 2018

Rochester, Monroe
When Is the Best Time to Re-Roof Your Home?, Rochester, New York

You’ve made the decision to re-roof your home, and you’ve selected the right materials and contractor. Now, all you need to do is figure out when would be the best time to schedule the project. Because the work is done outside, inclement weather can delay the job and impact the roofers’ safety. Below is a simple guide to picking the right season.

Late Summer & Early Fall

These are the ideal times to get to work on a roof installation project. The temperatures are milder while still being comfortable, and it’s less likely moisture will get into your home and cause damage because there is less rain and snow during these times. All of these factors contribute to a re-roof being completed quickly if you book it during these seasons.

re-roofOn the downside, late summer and early fall are the most popular times of year for roofing work. This means you may have to wait weeks for the contractor to be available. You might also pay higher prices because roofing material suppliers often raise costs since they know there will be more demand.

Winter & Early Spring

The work will certainly take a bit longer during these seasons as contractors deal with inclement weather and need to take extra steps to ensure the materials cure properly in spite of the cold. However, it is feasible to do roofing work in winter and early spring. You might even pay less for the job and will likely be able to schedule the crew when it’s most convenient for you.


At Atlas Roofing in Rochester, NY, you’ll work with a team who is known for their attention to detail and thoroughness. They serve Monroe County and the surrounding areas and specialize in helping homeowners submit insurance claims after a natural weather event has affected their roofing. Whether you need someone to re-roof your home or require a window installation, they will help. To learn more, call (585) 469-4214 or visit them online.

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