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Pet Owner? The Do's & Don'ts for Keeping a Clean Home August 1, 2018

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Pet Owner? The Do's & Don'ts for Keeping a Clean Home, Raleigh, North Carolina

Keeping your couch, rug, and carpet free from stains can be difficult. For pet owners especially, the task may seem impossible. However, Sparkle Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services, a top cleaning company in Raleigh, NC, says otherwise. In fact, by adhering to their list of do's and don't's, maintaining a clean, comfortable, spot-free home is easily attainable.


Groom your pets.

One of the biggest complaints among pet owners is the amount of hair in the home. Many materials, including velvet and tweed, cling to individual strands, making it difficult to brush. Instead of running through countless lint rollers, invest in proper and regular grooming. Different dogs and cats will have different needs. For example, a double-coated canine, such as the husky or sheltie, requires daily, thorough brushing. Light-shedding dog breeds include silky terrier, dachshund, and greyhound. These varieties may only require weekly or bi-weekly maintenance. 

Invest in a cleaning company.

cleaning companyAt some point throughout your pets' lives, an accident is going to occur. Whether they relieve themselves on your carpet or knock over a glass of red wine, the result doesn't have to be permanent. Over-the-counter cleaning supplies, however, won't always cut it. For tough stains, hire a cleaning company. They carry top-of-the-line, professional-strength products and equipment. Alongside years of experience, they are capable of removing nearly any type of spot. Apart from emergencies, their services can also be used for maintenance. A regular, once-a-year visit can help protect the brightness of the fabric.


Forget to wipe.

Your animals likely spend as much time outside as they do in. Most breeds enjoy digging, splashing, and running through grass and dirt. After they finish playing, keep them from running through the open door. Instead, make them wait, either sitting or standing, and use a towel to wipe them down. Focus on the paws, legs, and belly. If they have rolled in mud or are seem especially dirty, rinse and dry them. Often, dogs roll to pick up an unusual scent. Bathing them, then, will keep that scent off of your furniture.

Leave them alone.

Especially while they are young, do not allow a puppy or kitten to wonder the home on their own. Before they are properly potty trained, they will relieve themselves whenever they desire. While training them, keep them in your sights as much as possible. If you see them begin to sniff aggressively and turn in circles, take them outside immediately. Even after they've grown, if they have trouble controlling their bladder, crate them while you are away.

Keep your home clean and comfortable by following these simple rules. When looking for professional help, call on Sparkle Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services. Located in Raleigh, NC, their focus is on the smallest details. With a highly trained team and modern equipment, this cleaning company guarantees to both disinfect and deodorize all problem areas. Start by getting a free estimate online. Or, call (919) 995-4430 today to speak to a staff member about scheduling a cleaning.

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