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Why Texting While Driving Is So Dangerous August 16, 2018

Dothan, Houston
Why Texting While Driving Is So Dangerous, Dothan, Alabama

Texting while driving has become a common cause of auto accidents over the past decade. In hopes of keeping drivers safe, many states are now passing laws banning this dangerous behavior. Depending on the circumstances, noncompliance can lead to everything from hefty fines to jail time. Here, the personal injury attorneys of Carey & Hamner, P.C. in Dothan, AL, explain just why texting and driving is so risky.

How Texting Impacts Safety on the Road

Texting is a major cause of distracted driving, which injures some 1,000 people on U.S. roads every day. When you type or read a text, you take your eyes off the road, and this is dangerous no matter the circumstance. For example, say it only takes five seconds to check or send a text. If you are driving at 55 miles per hour, this means you will essentially be driving blind for the length of an entire football field, which is plenty of time for an auto accident to occur.

auto accidentAdditionally, since texting requires you to take your hands off the wheel, your ability to react to changes in traffic decreases. If you drift off course and need to correct quickly, you will lose valuable seconds returning your hands to the wheel. Finally, texting means you aren’t mentally focused on the road, which can further slow reaction times.

What to Do if You Are in an Auto Accident

If you have been the victim of a car crash because another individual was texting and driving, you have a right to take legal action. A successful personal injury claim can provide you with compensation for everything from medical costs to emotional trauma endured. Talk to a lawyer as soon as possible, as such cases have a statute of limitations.

For help in Enterprise, Ozark or Dothan, AL, trust Carey & Hamner, P.C. Known for the personalized attention they give their clients, this law firm specializes in auto accident cases. They truly care about their work and will provide the compassionate approach you deserve when recovering from a crash. Get to know their team online, and for a free in-person consultation, call (855) 435-4797 today. You can also find the law firm on Facebook.

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