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Top 3 Considerations for a Dog-Friendly Fence Installation July 31, 2018

Wymore, Gage
Top 3 Considerations for a Dog-Friendly Fence Installation, Wymore, Nebraska

Most dogs are playful and curious by nature. They might bark at passing cars or even venture outside the yard in pursuit of a squirrel. To keep them safe on your property, you’ll need to secure the perimeter. The cost and quality of fence installations depend on factors such as height, material, and design. Consult the following guide to determine the best option for your budget and your pup’s safety.

Fence Installation Concerns for Dog Owners

1. Privacy

Some dogs go into a frenzy at the sight of people, other dogs, or passing cars. The solution to this problem is to install a privacy fence. This design lacks openings your dog can see through, limiting disturbances caused by distractions outside the yard. Homeowners also benefit from privacy fences, since they keep out prying eyes and deter intruders. The enhanced security may also result in lower home insurance rates. Even if your dog is well-behaved enough to allow for some spacing between slats, you must still be mindful of the amount of space between and underneath the posts. Measure your dog’s body and make sure the gaps aren’t big enough for your pet to wiggle through. 

2. Materials

fence installationBecause of their more open designs, wrought iron and chain link fences are not ideal for containing a dog. Not only are they easy for your pet to dig under or wiggle through, but they can also let in wild animals like raccoons. Though wood fences are a better solution, they are vulnerable to dogs that like to scratch and chew. For pet owners looking for a durable, low-maintenance barrier, vinyl is an ideal option. It comes in a vast number of colors and designs and can mimic wood realistically, but with minimal maintenance and a much longer lifespan.

2. Height

If you have an athletic dog, the fence should be tall enough to prevent them from leaping over. A 4-foot fence may be sufficient for small dogs like Chihuahuas or Boston Terriers, but German Shepherds and Great Danes will require barriers that are at least 6 foot tall. Some breeds are impressive climbers, too, which is another reason chain link fences aren’t ideal. A smooth surface will deter climbers and jumpers most effectively.


If you need a fence contractor for your property, get in touch with Homestead Fences, located in Wymore, NE. They can help you choose the best fence installation for you and your pet. They also install deck railings and gates. Call (402) 645-8054 or visit their website to check out their product options.

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