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How Vision Problems Impact Childhood Development September 5, 2018

Miami, Montgomery
How Vision Problems Impact Childhood Development, Miami, Ohio

Poor eyesight can impact a number of different areas of your life, such as school, hobbies, and entertainment. If your child hasn’t been to the eye doctor yet, you should schedule an appointment to have their vision tested. In fact, untreated vision problems can affect childhood development in several different ways.

Academic Issues

Vision is an important sense for developing children, particularly while they’re still building foundational skills. As their education continues, they’ll need to see clearly to absorb and understand a topic, whether it’s writing, reading, or math.

eye doctorIf your child is struggling to read something on the teacher’s board or out of a textbook, they will have a difficult time understanding and completing their work. If this continues, they could underperform academically, which can lead to a disinterest in schoolwork. An eye doctor will be able to assess your child’s vision and recommend glasses if necessary. Receiving the correct treatment from the eye doctor can help put your child’s learning back on track.

Social Struggles

Children with untreated vision loss often struggle to complete physical and social tasks as easily or quickly as their peers without eyesight problems. This can cause children to become socially isolated and more reserved, making it difficult to make friends and form relationships. Research has shown children with vision issues are more prone to having low self-confidence, which also contributes to social withdrawal. Seeing an eye doctor while your child is still young will enable them to receive treatment sooner and avoid the ramifications of untreated vision loss.

The symptoms of vision loss can be easy to miss if you don’t know what to look for. If your child frequently squints, rubs their eyes, suffers from headaches, avoids reading, or has a short attention span, consider scheduling an appointment with an eye doctor.


For more than 100 years, the professionals at Wing Eyecare in Miamisburg, Ohio, have been diagnosing and treating vision problems for the whole family. Whether your child is struggling in school due to poor eyesight or has never visited an eye doctor before, the compassionate staff of Wing Eyecare is skilled and equipped to offer the right solutions. To learn more about the services provided by this eye care facility, visit their website or call (937) 247-2000 today. 

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