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4 Study Tips for Kids Who Need Math Help August 16, 2018

Lorton, Fairfax County
4 Study Tips for Kids Who Need Math Help, Lorton, Virginia

Knowing how to properly study for a test can be a challenge, especially for kids who need a little extra math help. They need to understand the concepts and be able to execute them—all within the time the teacher allows. Here’s how to help your child prepare for an exam.

4 Ways to Get Ready for a Math Test

1. Practice Methods

Practice is the only way to get good at a skill, and math is no different. Most textbooks come with supplements, either in the book or online. Use these resources to create a practice test to help your student get comfortable. You could also try this online math help resource to generate practice problems for a K-8 student.

2. Check Out Class Notes

Work with your student on reviewing the notes from class. When you’re offering math help, go through the steps to solve a problem as they are laid out in the notes. Students who struggle with good notetaking skills should ask the teacher for tips, or you should consult a math tutor.

3. Practice Time Management

math helpMuch of successful test-taking involves learning how to spend the right amount of time on a problem before moving on. Knowing how long the student will have and how many problems will be on the test is helpful for practicing good time management skills.

4. Review Past Assignments

Help your child go over the assignments they completed for the unit they will be tested on. See which ones they got wrong and make sure they understand how to do them correctly now. 


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