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3 Important Safety Tips for Being Around Electrical Wiring August 14, 2018

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3 Important Safety Tips for Being Around Electrical Wiring, Hamden, Connecticut

Electricity is an amazing thing. It delivers light, comfort, and entertainment directly into your home. However, those electrical components sometimes need to be repaired or updated, and dealing with electrical wiring can lead to safety issues. It’s always best to trust a professional electrician with major repairs, and use caution on any smaller projects you might want to tackle on your own. Here are some essential safety tips to always keep in mind when working with electricity.

How to Stay Safe Around Electrical Wiring

1. Avoid Water

Water is a natural conductor of electricity, so that current is able to flow through it quite easily. If you come into contact with water that’s near an electrical current, that energy can hit your body and cause electrocution. As such, it’s essential you don’t work with any electrical wires near water or moisture of any kind.

electrical wiring2. Always Use Insulated Tools

The metal in many traditional tools is also able to conduct electricity. Insulated tools include extra material that won’t allow the electrical current to reach you. Use these tools when working on anything with live wires or on any type of electrical project, even when the power is shut off.

3. Never Use a Metal Ladder to Replace Lights

You also need to avoid standing on metal surfaces in case a live wire hits it. This is especially important to remember when you’re changing out overhead light fixtures where you need to stand on a ladder. Instead of using metal, stand on a fiberglass ladder or one made with a similar material that does not conduct electricity.


If you have any more involved electrical projects that need to be worked on, turn to the professionals at Viscuso Electric & Son in Hamden, CT. They have been serving the community for more than 35 years, providing safe and professional solutions to all of your electrical wiring issues. The family-owned business is also dedicated to providing the highest level of personalized service possible. Call (203) 230-8388 or contact the team online to learn more.

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