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What is Moxibustion? July 31, 2018

New Hyde Park, North Hempstead
What is Moxibustion?, North Hempstead, New York

Moxibustion is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that is commonly used in conjunction with acupuncture treatments. In this practice, acupuncturists burn dried moxa — a combination of herbs consisting primarily of mugwort. The heat is applied near or on acupressure points to stimulate circulation and Qi — an invisible life force — through the body and promote healing. To help raise awareness about this long-practiced treatment, here are a few things to know about moxibustion.

A Simple Guide to Moxibustion

What Health Problems Does Moxibustion Address?

The body contains numerous acupressure points that all correspond to unique health systems. As such, moxibustion can be used to address various health problems. Some of the most common conditions that moxibustion is used for include chronic pain, colds, headaches, muscle soreness, ulcers, and pregnancy discomfort. In some cases, the treatment may be combined with other forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine to enhance the healing process.

How Is Moxibustion Performed?

acupunctureAcupuncturists perform moxibustion in one of two ways. Direct moxibustion is when moxa is placed on the body and burned down until it reaches the skin. In some cases, the moxa may be burned until the skin blisters slightly.

Indirect moxibustion is performed similarly, but never touches the skin. In this approach, specialists burn moxa near the acupressure point until it becomes warm. Often, acupuncture needles will be inserted into the area to further stimulate blood circulation and the flow of Qi.

Are There Any Risks?

As a non-invasive, non-medicated treatment, moxibustion is considered extremely safe. If direct moxibustion is performed, you may experience a slight burning sensation and temporary skin marks. In the event that smoke irritates you, your acupuncturist can burn smokeless moxa to make breathing easier.


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