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What Are Bunions & How Can You Treat Them? August 21, 2018

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What Are Bunions & How Can You Treat Them?, Manhattan, New York

Bunions are common foot health issues that progressively affect the big toe. Over time, a bunion can become a painful condition that limits your mobility, which is why it’s important to recognize symptoms early. The staff at New York Foot Experts in Manhattan advise that bunions are highly treatable and want to share common symptoms, as well as treatment options. 

Symptoms of Bunions

bunions-new-york-foot-experts Over time, your big toe may push to the outer side of your foot. When this occurs, a bony lump forms at the joint of the big toe. They’re thought to be genetic, though they can also be related to weak foot structure, arthritis, and wearing high heels.

The primary sign is the bony lump that appears where your big toe joins the rest of the foot. It may turn red, be tender, and swell. A callous will gradually form, and you may experience regular pain, numbness, and difficulty moving your big toe. When left untreated, bunions can turn into hammertoe—a more serious joint issue—seriously affect mobility, and cause swelling in the pads that protect the bones, tendons, and muscles in your foot.

Treatment Options

In many cases, home care can manage the problem. You can pad your big toe, select shoes that fit better, or explore shoe inserts designed to accommodate bunions. Ice will also reduce swelling and pain. More extensive treatments include cortisone injections to reduce swelling and surgery. Surgery is often reserved for patients who are unable to reduce inflammation, are developing toe deformities, and have reduced mobility.

If you’re concerned you’re developing bunions, turn to the foot care professionals at New York Foot Experts. They offer comprehensive services, including surgery, and a podiatrist who will work closely with you to ensure you’re practicing proper foot care. Call (212) 385-0801 today to schedule an appointment at one of their four locations, and visit their website and Facebook page to learn more.

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