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5 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas August 3, 2018

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5 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas, Gales Ferry, Connecticut

Even the most beloved home can start to feel lived-in and unexciting after a few years. If you’re at the point where parts of your house have begun to bore you, it may be time to consider home improvement projects. Kitchen remodeling is among the most logical of these projects: you spend lots of time in your kitchen, and upgrading it for attractiveness, comfort, and functionality will benefit you and improve your home’s value. Consider these ideas as you contemplate this process.

Here are 5 Great Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling

1. Paint the Cupboards

If you want a fresh look but you’re on a budget, then repainting your cupboards may be the perfect step. It’s cheap, quick, and able to make any kitchen look like new. Use colors that reflect your personality and go with the rest of the kitchen. Neutrals may be easiest to match, while bright shades will allow you to express your personal flair.

2.  Replace Countertops

A worn, scratched countertop detracts from a kitchen’s overall appearance. Worse, it may present a health hazard, since bacteria from raw meat and other substances can slip into the cracks and from there transfer onto your food preparations. Replacing old counters with durable new ones made from materials like marble and stainless steel will provide a lot of value to your home.

3. Add an Island

kitchen remodelingStorage and counter space are two of the most sought-after features in any kitchen. They allow you to keep things clutter-free while having a large enough work area for any meal, no matter how elaborate you want to go. An island assists with both of these goals: it can be constructed with built-in cupboards or shelves, and the top will provide a sizeable area for meal preparations.

4. Install a Backsplash

If you’re tired of scrubbing grease splatters from the wall behind the stove, then a backsplash may be the right improvement for your kitchen. It provides an attractive, protected area of the wall that wipes clean easily. Better yet, backsplashes constructed with tile can be personalized with any color and pattern you want, adding style to the area.

5. Change Your Flooring

New flooring is one of the larger kitchen renovations available; it may be just what you’re looking for if you want to give the area a whole new aesthetic. Using materials like stone, wood, tile, and more, you can change the tone of your kitchen between cozily rustic, sleekly modern, and more.


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