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How to Find a Secure Storage Unit Provider January 1, 2019

Groveton, Lee
How to Find a Secure Storage Unit Provider, Lee, Virginia

Placing your belongings in a storage unit is the perfect way to create more space in the house or get yourself organized when you’re unpacking after a move. But to ensure your possessions are still in the same condition when you retrieve them, it’s important to work with a facility that’s secure. Here are a few qualities to keep an eye out for while you’re shopping around.

3 Traits of Top-Quality Storage Unit Providers

1. Well-Lit Aisles & Buildings

Take a tour of the facility and look around. Are there lots of dark places and flickering bulbs, or are the aisles and buildings all well-lit? Bright illumination does more than discourage would-be thieves; it will also ensure you don’t accidentally trip and fall while you’re rummaging around the unit looking for something.

2. 24-Hour Video Surveillance

storage unitTo ensure their customers’ belongings remain secure, the best facilities have 24-hour recorded video surveillance. This allows them to keep an eye on the unit while you’re away. Additionally, if something does happen to your unit, they’ll be able to produce the recording of the particular time and date so you can find out what happened and start any necessary legal proceedings.

3. Electronic Gate Access

Keys are easy to lose and even simpler to copy, and many locks can be picked by someone with experience and patience. With this in mind, you should only select a facility that has electronic gate access with a code instead of locks on the doors of their units. 


In addition to all of these features, Holly Hill Self Storage of Alexandria, VA, has secure cargo elevator access and allows all their tenants to bring their own padlocks for their storage units. They even have an on-site manager, so you can rest assured someone is helping to keep your items safe 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To learn more about their extensive range of options, call (703) 765-3115 or visit their website.