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5 Warning Signs of an Ulcer to Be Aware Of August 13, 2018

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5 Warning Signs of an Ulcer to Be Aware Of, Bronx, New York

Those who develop an ulcer in their digestive systems usually see a gastroenterologist for care. Also known as a peptic ulcer, these sores inside the stomach are caused by acid in the digestive tract. Typical reasons for getting one include bacterial infection and the long-term use of NSAID medication. To ensure you recognize the condition early, below are some common symptoms to know. 

Indications You Should See a Gastroenterologist

1. Stomach Pain 

Most patients who have an ulcer experience pain or burning in the area between the breastbone and belly button. While discomfort may occur on a full stomach, it is usually more intense while hungry. Some people may also feel chest pain or a dull ache in the abdomen. 

2. Indigestion 

Bronx GastroenterologistAfter you eat a meal, you may burp or have gas. You may also have heartburn from acid reflux. Further, it’s common to feel bloated or taste something acidic in your mouth. 

3. Loss of Appetite 

Some people lose the desire to eat during meals or snack times. Others avoid eating because they don’t want to feel any of the uncomfortable symptoms, which can lead to weight loss. 

4. Nausea 

Ulcers also cause nausea, and some patients will vomit during these episodes. Though stomach discomfort happens to everyone on occasion, those who have the condition tend to experience it regularly and usually at the same time. 

5. Fever

Fevers are a reaction to an infection in the body, though not every patient with an ulcer will get one. Typically, if the sore is caused by bacteria, you may have a higher body temperature. The gastroenterologist will check to see if your temperature is elevated during your appointment. 


Fatigue, anemia, and dark stools are also possible. If you have any of these symptoms, visit a health center right away for further evaluation and treatment. CCN General Medicine at the Boston Road Medical Center in the Bronx, NY, provides skilled and compassionate care for patients with digestive, heart, and mental health conditions. To schedule an appointment with a gastroenterologist, call (718) 569-7929 today. For information about all the services this medical center offers, visit the website. Explore strategies for identifying health problems and staying well by following them on Twitter

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