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Should You Buy a Used Car or an SUV? August 24, 2018

Richmond Hill, Queens
Should You Buy a Used Car or an SUV?, Queens, New York

There are more choices than ever when shopping for a new or vehicle. Many people choose to buy a used car for the financial savings but find themselves struggling to decide between a sedan and an SUV, especially if they’re concerned about space. So, which one is right for you? This guide outlines the advantages of each to help you decide.


Four-door sedans are abundant at used car dealerships, so you’ll have a wide selection. They have sufficient room for most families and ample trunk space to suit the average owner’s needs. They’re generally easier to maneuvering and handling better than an SUV. Typically, they are more fuel efficient, so you’ll spend less at the pump. Finally, they’re easier to park and simple to drive, making them ideal for new or inexperienced drivers.


used carSUVs can have higher initial costs and lower fuel economy, but there are numerous benefits, too. For instance, many have all-wheel or four-wheel drive, making them perfect for drivers with adventurous spirits. Their higher profiles lend better visibility to other drivers on the road, even in poor weather conditions. SUVs also have more room for cargo and passengers, meaning they’re great for large families. Finally, while you may spend more on gas with older models, technological advances in the last few years have enabled manufacturers to develop sports utility vehicles that are just as fuel-efficient as sedans.


If you’re still not sure whether a used car or SUV for you, the best way to decide is to test drive both. Queens Auto Mall in Richmond Hill, NY, carries more than 500 vehicles of various makes and models so you’ll have a wide selection to choose from, along with the aid of their knowledgeable sales associates. This auction house offers flexible financing options and certified pre-owned cars with incredible warranties. To learn more, call (718) 523-9090 or visit them online.

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