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3 Qualities to Look for in a Reading Tutor August 10, 2018

West Village, Manhattan
3 Qualities to Look for in a Reading Tutor, Manhattan, New York

Numerous studies show the lifelong benefits of early childhood literacy. Though there are activities parents can do at home to encourage reading skills, the best step toward literacy before school enrollment is hiring a reading tutor. However, vetting any provider for your young ones can be daunting without the proper guidance. This guide identifies the qualities to look for in a reading tutor for young children.

Look for a Reading Tutor With These Attributes

1. Likable

If your kids can’t relate to the person teaching them, they may have a hard time paying attention. When vetting potential reading tutors, introduce the final candidates to your child and see how they interact. Look for instructors who are personable and provide information in an entertaining or even humorous way to keep your children interested in developing their reading skills.

2. Successful

reading tutorA tutor with a proven track record of success is most likely to give your kids an extra boost in their personal growth. Ask potential teachers for references and testimonials about how they’ve helped students improve in the past. Also, request proof of qualifications, such as education, years of experience, and any supplemental training they’ve received.

3. Goal-Oriented

What specific skills do you want your children to gain from their time with reading tutors? Many parents hope for enhanced school readiness, improved vocabulary, and increased reading comprehension. The tutor should have a curriculum in place to address these and other literacy goals. They should also be able to discuss specific milestones and criteria they will use to assess how well your child is progressing. 


Reading in Preschool – New York in Manhattan’s West Village, has over 15 years of experience teaching local kids ages 3 to 7 through reading classes and personalized tutoring. Their one-on-one sessions focus on improving literacy skills and building confidence. To learn about enrolling your child in their reading tutor sessions, call (917) 723-1159. Visit the website for information on their highly trained, passionate teachers and to learn why they offer in-home tutoring.

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